Are you in pain and looking for a Chiropractor around Chandler's Ford? 

Chiropractic is an effective treatment focusing on conditions affecting the muscles, joints, tendons and nerves. We use a holistic approach which means that we look at the whole body to find out the core root of the problem. We don’t only treat the painful area but look at the whole body to understand why the pain appeared in the first place. By treating the core root of the problem it means it is less likely to come back. We use gentle techniques that involve Sacro-Occipital Technique , myofascial release, massage and unlocking of stiff joints by manipulation. So wether you are not sure if you need chiropractic, osteopathy or physiotherapy, you can be assured that we pride ourselves on using gentle and effective techniques to help you achieve your health goals.

There is scientific evidence to back the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for low back pain, neck pain, cervicogenic headaches and  migraine prevention, as well as shoulders elbow,  hip and  knee pain.

The chiropractor is a specialist clinician who after five years of training is able to diagnose a range of conditions and determine whether manipulation is appropriate for a condition, or whether the patient should be referred for other types of treatment or further investigation. 

First Appointment

The initaial consultation usually lasts an hour and involves taking a thorough history to get an idea of the problem and your general health.


A physical examination will then take place where your movement, joints, muscles and nerves will be tested. If necessaryou will be sent for further investagations such as x-rays or referral to the appropriate health practitioner. If the chiropractor thinks it is appropriate, then the treatment can usually start at the first visit.​

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