Patient Testimonials

"Literally got me back on my feet! 

My mother-in-law contacted Henny when I had been bed ridden for a week with a severe bout of sciatica. She chose Henny because she was able to do home visits, and, better still, was prepared to come out on a Sunday. How fortuitous for me, as, even without those bonuses, I don't think she could have chosen a better Chiropractor for me! On her initial visit, Henny first examined me in bed, so that she didn't cause me any further discomfort (not shy this girl!), before continuing on her mobile table. She assisted me in crawling to, and then climbing on, the table, offering words of encouragement all the way. After half an hour of manipulation and deep massage, I was able to take my first timid steps in a week. Truly fantastic! Since then, I have seen Henny on a regular basis, initially at home, and, once I was able to drive again, at her clinic. She has a lovely demeanour, and always explains what she is doing. I think she offers excellent vaue for money, and I have had no hesitation in recommending her to friends and work colleagues. It's definitely a big thumbs up from me!"


Russell Maynard

"I contacted Henny after a week of struggling with back pain so uncomfortable I was taking daily painkillers and couldn't find any comfortable sleeping position. After my first session the pain in my back literally disappeared! I've had regular treatments since then to treat the problem and can honestly say Henny is a miracle worker and I couldn't recommend her highly enough!"

Abi Winfield

"My experience with Henny, was nothing short of exceptional. I suffered with a trapped nerve earlier this year, which was absolutely excruciatingly painful. A friend of mine highly recommended Henny. I can honestly say that I, myself, would (and will) recommend her services to any and all that may need chiroprctic help. Henny is kind, compassionate, friendly, professional and above all else, VERY VERY good at what she does. That she is mobile and very reasonably priced are but the icing on the cake. I am very grateful for the help that I received"


Andrew Rigby

"Fantastic Chiropractor! She has a broad knowledge base and many different techniques which means she can always deliver the most appropriate treatment to your needs. She has helped me many times and I couldnt recommend her enough!"


Dinaz Schjerning

"An excellent service. As someone who sits at a computer for 8 hours + a day, I began to experience both lower back ache and developed a pain in my shoulder. Henny diagnosed the situation straight away and set out a programme for me from which she also sorted out a twisted pelvis (of which I was unaware). Henny was superb and I have never felt better from just a few sessions. Thoroughly recommended. Thank you Henny!"


Paul Brazier

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